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Adriana Iglesias -  The Brand

The Ibiza, Côte d´ Azur, and Capri dream, a natural woman with a transgressive character, with her own style, not pretentious, not ostentatious, but radiating freedom and glamour.

Adriana Iglesias, a telecommunication engineer, now became a consistent genuine designer with a unique ‘rebel casual’ approach to fashion.

Adriana created the brand in 2014. She does not follow trends, not fashion momentary hypes, but a femenine sense of a Mediterranean lifestyle, sensual, with a very strong 70s aesthetic and always linked to the power of the sea and the romantic spirit of the ‘endless summer’.

Her creations are unique, bright coloured and full of exotic animal prints and flowers, inspired by nature and life.

Her collections are composed by must have basics, just like the baggy pants and the pyjamas, evening dresses with a sartorial and fabrics selection specially created with the most prestigious Italian manufacturers.

Adriana Iglesias is an answer to today´s Mediterranean high end women´s lifestyle.

Tired of seeing so many premium brands with external manufacturing, she launched the Brand to provide with handmade collections at her own atelier in the Spanish town of Valencia, flanked by the Mediterranean Sea.

The lifestyle of the Mediterranean woman, dressed in silk and comfortable outfits, combines luxury materials, with daily accessories and fashion basic elements, such as jeans and t shirts, but always with a touch of glamour and negligee, high heels with lavish silk pyjamas…this is her personal style.

Retro and oriental touches, imagine a glamorous cocktail in your Ibiza or Capri terrace with friends, and the woman everybody stares at…